The Ultralight Beam Games — Teams

<p>1st. Writing&mdash; I write a story in Evernote. Then, I write the art brief for the visual. While the art brief is in connection to the story, the writings do differ. I paste the art brief into Midjourney &mdash; &ldquo; /imagine &ldquo;&mdash; and then a journey begins.</p> <p>2nd. Generating&mdash; The journey is generating visuals. This includes the initial full 4 panel visual generations, then up-rezing what I like, and then creating variations for what could be cool but isn&#39;t yet. Simultaneously while generating visuals, I proceed to alter/edit, cut, expand, and retract the art brief. I do this while keeping the original story as the focus (I don&#39;t want the initial visual generations to distract me from the story or the original ideas I had in mind before I began generating visuals). Throughout the entire process I am generating hundreds of visuals- at like 10&ndash;20 images per minute.</p> <p>3rd. Editing&mdash; When the generated visuals begin to become applicable to the story, I make choices and then I start to edit and refine the chosen visuals by highlighting the areas I don&rsquo;t agree with and then generating variations on those particular areas.</p> <p>4th. Expanding &mdash; Once the image is feeling close to completion and without error, I then expand the size of the image by using the zoom-out features. And then I repeat the whole above steps all over again because errors present themselves in the zoom-outs.</p> <p>5th. Final Thoughts&mdash;Know that while the process is actually simple, and it is very sneaky. There are a lot of image errors in the A.I. visual generations &mdash; mangled fingers and legs, eyes looking in odd directions, body parts connecting in all the wrong places, and on and on &mdash; to me this is fun. So keep in mind that once you get into it, it becomes this whole game, and then a new world begins to unravel. It all goes many ways. It is an immersive experience.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Read More</strong></a></p>